Bubbled.it, Prismatic, and Southern Strategy Group Orlando conceived CAUSE+EFFECT as a way of giving back through giving services in their respective areas of expertise. CAUSE+EFFECT is a philanthropic crowdsourcing initiative where the general public is responsible for nominating and selecting the ultimate award recipient. The five organizations with the most nominations moved on to the voting phase where the winner was determined.

During the 7-week nomination phase, Bubbled.it produced weekly nomination update infographics, sharing user trends and progress with email subscribers. Throughout the initiative, 2,214 nominations were collected for 286 different non-profit organizations and causes. The voting phase commenced on March 13th, 2015 and ended on April 10th, generating 3,548 total votes for the 5 finalists, which included Harbor House, Mental Health Association of Central Florida, Nathaniel's Hope, Orange County Early Learning Coalition, and the Orlando Reperatory Theatre.

On May 13th, 2015 this infographic was used to formally announce the CAUSE+EFFECT award winner: Nathaniel's Hope. Nathaniel's Hope is an Orlando-based organization dedicated to providing assistance, resources, tools, training, and hope for kids with special needs and their families.