In Central Florida, each year 400 young adults will turn 18 and age out of Florida's foster care system and lose their sole support system. The Faine House, created by NFL veteran and entreprenuer Jeff Faine and Florida Children's Home Society, is a safety net for these children in need. With the opening of their new building approaching, The Faine House was challenged with raising awareness of their mission and standing out on a competitive landscape full of worthy charities. They turned to Prismatic to develop the The Faine House brand and along with the brand came the opportunity for to visualize the staggering statistics and inherent risks faced by young adults aging out of the system.

The infographic communicates The Faine House mission and illustrates its approach which centers around their 5 essential steps to changing the life-plan for at-risk teens: Education, Housing & Transportation, Employment, Health & Wellness, and Personal Finance. In order to provide a comprehensive overview of the Steps to Success, we distilled each element into an easy to understand visual aid and illustrated the pathway each Faine House resident will follow. Reminiscent of a board game, the Steps to Success not only provides action steps and services for each element, but also conveys a cause-and-effect of inaction from the community. The result is a compelling message regarding the benefits of hard work and perseverance and the impact of The Faine House on the lives of at-risk youths in our community.

With a new website, brochure, donor presentation and a video under development by our sister company Prismatic, the charity is well positioned to mobilize donors and volunteers to aid in its cause.